Since its establishment in 2020, Security Outlook Solutions makes its own history in the field of providing all security solutions for both private and public sectors, government, agencies, as well as social organizations, and individuals. It has two headquarters; one in Qatar and the other in Somalia.



P.O. BOX No. 15913. Furousiya Street Near Corner Muaither Street, DOHA – QATAR

00974-77445606 / 00252-611621008

We are a group of IT professionals who are constantly learning and evolving through practice, training, and real world experience. Our group is individuals with networking backgrounds, security and firewall backgrounds, and server and desktop backgrounds. We love technology and have dedicated our lives and careers to it. Solutions for data centers and enterprise offices continue to evolve with changing business requirements. With advances in cloud computing, virtualization, network storage, and big data, enterprise server and data center solutions continually become more specialized and customization to meet the challenges posed by these technological advances. We offer a large range of custom-able server solutions to meet the needs of industry.

Customized Solutions: Server experts standing by to help find the right server for your needs.

Awesome 24×7 Support: Dedicated experts available when you need them, day or night.